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Some Wonderful, Witty and Wackadoodle things:

1. While Faith, Family, Football - our family’s motto – didn’t originate with us, it truly describes our family’s priorities. God – first, family – which we define as anyone we love deeply - second, and then all the other stuff. To that end, Jesus will always be the best gift I have ever received.

2. My whole life I only wanted to be a momma and a teacher.  I have been blessed to have both of those dreams come true.  The little girl who loved dolls but who loved to dig in the dirt grew up to be a science and math teacher mom who loves to get other learners excited about the things that others defined as nerdy for a girl when I was little! While it would seem to some that I should separate my ministry life from my teaching life, I am who God made me to be.  Separating the teaching from the writing and speaking would be about as likely as me taking up drinking coffee (more on this later).

3. Superheroes are a big deal in my family.  In their feats of heroism, we see the ideals of Christian life that we are called to live.  They are flawed characters who seek to do good in the world.  I can relate.  I describe myself as science teacher by day and superhero by night. I am comfortable in my own skin (even when wearing a cape and tights), but I am a deeply flawed vessel that is constantly reminded of how much I need the ultimate superhero to fill me up.

4. I met my husband on a blind date – set up by professors. Who knew that the “School of Personal Service” was truly just that? On our first date, he told a story of getting a Johnny West action figure after a surgery. It was at that moment, I knew I was going to marry him. And yes, we talked about raising children that night too!

5. I hate being asked the question, “How many children do you have?” I think I handle it with grace, but it is such a complicated answer to explain that I am a MOM OF SEVEN. Although I only ever held four of them in my arms, I hold all seven in my heart.

6. I enjoy ironing clothes. Strange but true. There’s something about seeing a project done by your hands in a relatively short amount of time. No, I do not think ironing your clothes would bring me great satisfaction.

7. I detest the wacky waving inflatable arm tube man. My kids get a grand giggle out of hearing me say, “I hate THAT guy.” I do not know why I don’t like him. I just don’t.

8. I have my own personal National Holiday on August 8. If you have to look that up, I admit to a twinge of disappointment. My best friends would give you a hint explaining that I have never met a zucchini I didn’t like.

9. I love to sing, dance, and giggle. I have been known to belt out an amazing rendition of “Oh, my darling Clementine" with said produce in hand just to get laughs because to me, my children’s laughter is music to my ears. I also have a rap song that I composed when my children were little and had the gimmies. I performed it once in the toy aisle of Wal-Mart, and after a couple of rounds, other parents were singing along. TRUE STORY!

10. I love food! Love to make it. Love to eat it. Love to read about it. A meal with Gulf shrimp, cornbread, sweet potatoes, purple hull peas, and sweet tea would be akin to my food dreams coming true. Sweet tea is my go to comfort drink.  I never developed the habit of drinking coffee (although it smells fabulous).  But I am really quirky when I drink my sweet tea, I need loads of ice.  While I would be gracious about it, woe to the fast food worker who doesn’t heed my request for extra, extra, extra ice.  I am downhearted when my straw doesn’t hit a cube on the way into the cup.

11. My best adventures have been happened upon – Casey Jones Railroad Museum was an amazing find when we tried to find a place to picnic with two young boys and a nanny while driving cross-country. My best gatherings with friends have a planning period of about eleven minutes. I love that God just has a way of putting me in the right places at the right time!

12. My kids have taught me more about life and loving than I ever knew possible. I am so thankful that I have them in my life. I love hanging out with them, and I would love to adopt at least once.


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Having experienced a similar life event, Brenda pulled from a deep well spring of love to stand by Kandy’s side. Walking along the journey, both women realized that God was pulling them to take their story of hurt and hardship and share it with other women – offering hope that can only come from the grace of God. After spending over a year in prayer and seeking God’s heart in their plans, sweet grace began as a women’s ministry that is tailored to meet the needs of women in the local church. From their down-home attitudes to their great senses of humor, the women of sweet grace bring love, laughter, healing tears, and hugs wherever they go.



God does more than hear words; He reads hearts.

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